anchor drifting alarm

Vassilios Psonis shared this idea 11 years ago
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I am using locus for boating. It is great but it needs an anchor drifting alarm You know when you drop your anchor and go to rest but you still worry that your anchor may not hold well and you find yourself drifting .

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is this practicable with "too far away from track"?

creating a tiny tiny track at boat position.

and guide with "too far away from track" 50 Meters

Not so smart - just an idea...

better than nothing?


No sure if this is duplicate. If I understand correctly, it's exactly what gynta suggest - alarm when you ride too far away from predefined line. While mentioned topic gives alarm when you went to far from certain point.

Because I do not exactly understand this "sailing terminology", maybe topics are really same and I should merge them?

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