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Android 5 SD implementation conflicts

ken ect shared this question 8 years ago

Using Android 5 Samsung Note4, I now have an injured Locus Pro that with new update leaves me unable to obtain my saved maps/tracks and saved offline maps. While following the option c at the Kitkat discussion, i can see the sd file but produces two pages of errors (see screenshot).

Does the caution on Android 5 ( mean that only Locus store vector maps and no offline maps will be allowed in continuing Locus Pro use?

Thanks for assistance in dealing with these conflicts.

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basically all maps that are (by default) located in locus/maps or Locus/mapsVector can be stored on SDcard on Android 5.x The error message on your screenshot is related with online map cache. These are temporary map files that are created on the fly when you browsing any online map. Android 5.0 comes with partial support of SDcard - see:

But this solution works only with vector maps and SRTM elevation data.

What I can suggest if you want to place maps from Locus/maps on the SDcard

- Move whole Locus folder into internal memory (as described in Solution A)

- then create new custom folder on SD card > move maps from Locus/maps (you can move also maps from Locuc/mapsVector ) into this folder and finally add this folder as external into Locus as described in solution C





Thank you for the clear direction..will give it a try.

However, you say error caused by cache.  What maybe helpful to know is that I had just deleted cache, then deleted the entire Locus Pro from phone; powered down. ..then turned on phone, went to  Playstore downloaded Locus Pro.  Of course, this did nothing to the SD card, but when I opened the app for the first browsing... of anything, that error occurred.  Also, have no option to browse online hybrid or satellite maps. With the 3.11.3 version I have dramatic loss of choice of maps for U.S.

I will give your above solution a try.  Thank you

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Well it depends how had you deleted the cache. You need to open Locus > Menu > Settings > Miscellaneous > Clear temporary data. If you reinstall Locus then all maps (even conline cache) remains on the card. This is probably the reason why cached map remained on the card even after re-install.

However give a try described solution.



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