Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Problem

Ferran Astals shared this problem 5 years ago

Hi. I've updtated to Marshmallow 6.0.1 and now there isn't a folder in the usuall 5.1 location in /mnt/sdcard/Locus where all the maps and tracks used to be stored.

When I go to the maps manager it says that maps and tracks are in /data/user/0/ but when I enter that directory to manage my tracks and maps, I can't see anything but some rList* files, the _libraries.conf and gaClientId and gaClientIdData! sooo....

Where are my Tracks???

I have my phone rooted and I use root explorer to browse those directories, and I can't see where are the maps or tracks.


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Good day Ferran,

I'm sure there will be some logical explanation.

Seem you have your points/tracks in some private folder thanks to root access. This is anyway not necessary, because in private folder and no usable data.

Please open Locus and in menu > about application > about application > first "Info" tab ... at bottom of this tab should be visible full path to current default Locus folder where in sub-directory "data/database/" will be databases with your points and tracks.

Hope this helps.

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