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Ingo Rau shared this idea 9 years ago
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When travelling, I don't always have Locus open (there's a lot of things to do on your smartphone when on the road ;), but when GPS is on (and perhaps Locus already recording a track), I would like to quickly set a new point for my current position. Right now, I would have to go to the homescreen, start Locus, wait for it to open, press "Quick New Point" - takes time.

That's were Android shortcuts come in. I could put it on my homescreen and would just have to click it. The widget is already a good thing, but A) it's big (my homescreen is crammed), and B) the "New point" does only work when recording.

I'm imagining two types of shortcut:

1) General, opens the well-known Quick New Point selection dialog. Shortcut icon would be the normal Quick New Point icon.

2) Specific for one type of Quick New Point, with the point icon as shortcut icon. This would either that give a toast message "Point <type> created", or first ask for a text, if defined in the shortcut name.

Anybody else find that useful?

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Hey Ingo

The developer Menion, will give us a new widget in next (i think) test version.

Maybe very close to your Idea and we should talk again after this release.


In the meantime: +1

forum thread:



Didn't check the other forum - great to see! Looking forward to checking that out.

And as always a bug thx to Menion & Co for all these great updates...



You will find a new topic right now, in the Locus forum:

Maybe you should write some words...

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