Annoying Brouter popup window in Route planner

peter magyar shared this question 12 months ago


I've been using locus since 2014, great app. I have just changed my phone after 4 years and installed the current version. I am always afraid of the surprises a new version might come up with so I never update anything as long as I am satisfied with it, so I was stuck with an old ver for years, and I must say I was happy with it. This new ver is about fine, however, it makes me mad when I try to manually plan a route on the map and after every track point I enter a popup window appears kindly letting me know Brouter is not installed, asking whether I want to install it. I DO NOT WANT TO INSTALL ANYTHING I DO NOT NEED and this app is one of them.

So the question is how to get rid of this annoying popup window.

thanks for any input,


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Hi Pepe,

go to settings > Navigation > Navigation data source and select some other source than BRouter.

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Hello, thanks for the tip. I have already checked that option, but there is no option to select 'none' . I can select an online router but I still get notification after each point entered. However the popup window is not shown at least.