Another improvement of two fingers distance measuring?

Andrej Bruder shared this idea 17 months ago


I like the latest improvement of distance measuring very much ( I have used this function of distance measuring very often but it was quite annoying when it conflicted with zooming. Now it is even more usable.

As always, there is still some space for improvement. So here is a suggestion to consider.

Currently, when you zoom out and wait a second, the measure distance function is triggered which is fine. However, after zooming out the map is not refreshed so you basically cannot go outside the boundaries of previously displayed portion of map (well, technically, you can but you cannot see what you are measuring). You need to (1) release your fingers, (2) wait for map refresh and then (3) start distance measuring again. So you cannot zoom out and measure a distance in one run even though triggering of the distance measuring would suggest otherwise. This makes triggering of distance measuring somewhat meaningless or at least less usable.

See the attached video to see what I mean:!AmEjImBLVaj77dJ_0QkupUa6QytNwQ

Similar situation is with zoom in. You cannot zoom in, have map refreshed with more details and measure a distance in one run.

So idea is this: after triggering the distance measuring (whether after zoom in or zoom out), refresh the map so that you can see what you are measuring (when you had zoomed out) or so that you can see more detailed map (when you had zoomed in).

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Good day Andrej,

to be true, I was little worried what next work around Quick measure tool you have in your mind :). Anyway this makes absolutely sense and I completely missed this weird behavior. Not a lot of work, so improved, thank you!


That was superfast! Thank you for considering this suggestion. I think this is what makes Locus unique and what is necessary for every app that is supposed to help people - when the developers are open-minded people who are willing to listen to users of their app.