Ant+ fail 11216 on usb stick Huawei P20 Lite

Bartosz Zdrojkowski shared this problem 3 years ago

Hello, my problem is that the application makes me restart the device when running the speed and cadence sensor and shows error 11216, all ant + services are installed, ant + demo and ant + tester indicates the correct usb stic working, please help.

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Good day,

I'm worried this is a little unsolvable problem. The error you see is reported by used ANT+ library (made by ANT creator) and it means "OTHER_FAILURE". So some kind of unidentified problem.

What we may try is to create a log right after this error happen by this method. Hope there will be something that helps us. Sorry for the trouble!


Good day,

thanks for a log.

Only interesting what is visible there is

11-21 08:55:05.234 10116  9392  9392 E AntPluginPcc: BBD30500: Binding to plugin failed
11-21 08:55:05.242 10116  9392  9392 W AntPluginPcc: BBD30500: RequestAccess failed: OTHER_FAILURE
It looks like some problem in ANT library itself. May you try to re-install ANT+ library from Google Play if it helps? Most probably both you needs:

You may also give a try to "sample app"

Hope this helps.

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