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ANT Manager: Chirp without coordinates

Guest shared this problem 4 years ago

There's a problem if Locus' ANT Manager is trying to download data of a Garmin chirp if coordinates are missing. In this case Locus suddenly stops working with the error "Locus map stopped".

Background: Garmin chirp could be written with coordinates and/or textual hints. If a chirp just contains textual hint without entries in the coordinates-fields, I get this error message in the end of the download process. I didn't try the opposite (just coordinates - no text string) but I think this is working. And if both text + coordinates are filled, it is working too.

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Good day sonny,

thanks for this bug report. I'm glad that there is, from time to time, some use for this feature :).

I convinced myself that the coordinates are required. Seems now ... improved and should work in the next version.



Hehehe, thanks Menion. Be sure, the best features are those where you don't get any feedback cause they are working faultless (or hardly anybody is using them ;-)

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