Ant Problems an wishes/Trainings Options for MTB Bikers

calc1 shared this idea 5 years ago

i wish

Trainings options like Garmin Edge 705-810 or Runtastic Mountain Bike Pro(i only have Garmin 705,but see runtastic on reviews) would be fine .With Infos and statistics like Speed Average,Heart Rate min/max, and Speed+Cadence ,Calorie and fat burning,average time,metres in altidude up and down,distance to finish course,and so on.Maybe as picture in picture... or tiles for blend into Navigation screen.And than a export function to diarys

And i Wish better support for speed and cadence sensors and Heart rate Sensor.

Locus find the Garmin Heart Rate and the Speed and Cadence Sensor only when they operating(switching) when startet Locus ANT.

When the connections break,when bike sensors stand still-between 1-2 Minutes(or maybe long downhills or small pauses or other small breaks),Locus doesn´t reconnect himself.In Ant+ Screen always stand on "searching".

When Display switching 90 Degrees is on (and Display switches in driving curves) the connections always breaks because the switch change to off.I think its a software bug

Otherwise the the heartrate record is ok. The Heartrate belt ist most time on body and so the connection breaks rarely.But the cadence and speed recording must always have some its never active at the complete time of a track.

I think this its a driver Problem because Garmin Edge 705 or Orux Maps(i testet) found the Sensors when searching.If the connection break,they reconnectet as soon as sensors are active...With older Version of Locus Pro and Android 4.0.4 it was ok...with newer Versions and Android 4.1.2 my phone(same Phone- Sony Xperia Acro S) have Problems....

And automatic finding is not good too...I almost have to tap the screen to reaffirm the foundet sensor before Navigation Screen comes but "automatic start if driving track" is on .

And last but not least Support for Garmins IMG Maps where a awesame feature

all this with a payable plugin :-) for MTB users

i hope you unterstand me

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Hello Calc,

thank you for your feedback. Major part is about problems with ANT connection. I've updated library that use Locus for connecting to ANT devices and it's already available in testing version of Locus here

So if you will have time, try to test this version and let me know if it's better (more stable) and mainly if Locus is able to automatically reconnect.

Or wait to next official update :). Thank you.


Hello once more,

I do not know if problem with reconnection to ANT+ sensors is fixed in last Locus version, but hope so due to changes I did.

Your "Idea" anyway contain too much tasks and ideas at once, so it's not simply possible to implements just part and part deny etc. I suggest to read of similar ideas already exists, vote for them, or create own but specialized on one topic (rather more small then one big). Thank you and have a nice day.