Any way to find a specific track point in altitude profile?

Tirfo shared this question 7 years ago


In my opinion it is an essential feature to correlate a specific position within a track on the map with the respective position in the altitude profile, and vice-versa. I know it is possible to pick a position in the altitude profile and show it on the map. I am wondering whether there is any way to pick a position within a track on the map and show it in the altitude profile. If I remember correctly, it was possible to tap on a position within a track or to move the screen center over the track in order to get a specific point drawn as a black circle on the altitude profile. Is this feature gone with the new track information/pop-up?


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Good day Tirfo,

it is still there, just a little bit hidden.

Tap on point on track and from context menu choose "Edit on track". This enables edit mode which offers more options. Middle "Tools" button at bottom then allows to "Show on chart" certain point.

I'll consider adding this button also to context menu right when you tap on point. Configuration similar to popup window config for points in latest version.


Great, i missed this context menu item.

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