API to insert trackpoint in current track recording?

Claes H olmerson shared this idea 9 years ago
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Is there a way to make Locus insert a trackpoint in an ongoing recording of a track?

I would like to write some custom widget or similar, with a number of predefined buttons. It should be one button click to insert a trackpoint, with metadata depending on which button I clicked. The current Locus widget asks for a description, but I would like to avoid entering that.

Maybe there is an intent or similar that I can reuse?

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Good day Claes,

in Locus API is already defined storing waypoint but it then require user interaction to confirm this request.

I've just extended API a little bit (I was just working on this part for your luck ;) ), so it now allows to define optional name for this waypoint and also enable "autosave" which should immediately same this new waypoint.

Check this function in Locus API: https://bitbucket.org/asamm/locus-api-android/src/2dc8db93e1f393d22271e003205e0cdcdec7fa06/src/locus/api/android/ActionTools.java?at=default#cl-540 . If you do not use Locus API and wants to use only intent, you have to take from Locus API required constants and call intent manually.

You will also need a new version of Locus 3.9.0 which will be published within a few days.


That looks very nice. I think it should do the trick.

About the Locus API, I found it hard to find information about this.

I found this link on Google


which referred to this one


which referred to this one


which does not exist.

Searching further there was not successful.

Is there an authoritative page on Locus API?


Sorry Claes, docs are quite incomplete, keep in mind this.

Our wiki pages are in complete rewrite so old links are not valid. It should anyway be here: http://docs_old.locusmap.eu/doku.php?id=manual:locus_api

Best method is anyway install sample application to see what it may do.

When 3.9 version will be out, if you will have any questions, I'll gladly answer them by improving manual, oki? Thanks for understanding and sorry for little bit complicated system for Locus API users.


Fair enough! I think I will manage, I will do an attempt to use it and get back in case of problems

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