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Fifi shared this idea 5 years ago

I work and exchange regularly with persons that often don't work with the same coordinates system (because of the device or computer program they use ...) .

Currently, if i want to have a talk with them in the same coordinates system, i have to go in the general settings - Language and unit to change the general coordinates system Locus works with. As it's usually in emergency situation, it's not the best practicable.

So, should it be possible to have a quick button, for example in the right bar, to swap quickly the Locus general settings from a coordinates system to another ?

Many thanks.

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Good day Fifi,

this is really specific idea that do not have much attention. It's usage is really in special cases like yours. So unfortunately I'm declining it, because in all common situation, such frequent change of coordinates is not needed.

Quick workaround to save some time may be a

  • long click on the map till popup appear
  • click on popup
  • click on "target" icon next to coordinates
  • choose "Coordinates" option

And in this dialog you may define in which format you wants to see coordinates. It saves you some time, because this logically does not change global coordinate system in app itself.

Thank you for understanding.