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Application crash and all tracks - points lost after refresh of track thumb

Radek P. shared this problem 6 years ago

It happened 3 times on 2 different phones and different versions of application. Last crash has been sent by my as crash info.

It happens when I refresh thumb of imported track, then application slows then hangs and after crash all tracks and points are lost. Strangely when I created folder my custom for tracks with the same name as los one I could see during import number of tracks in () which included lost tracks. But after import only 1 track that could be seen in this custom folder.

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Good day Radek,

I'm really sorry to hear about such troubles. Really hope you have a backup with your data!

Anyway to find a crash reported by you, I need some extra information (like your name), in description of send report. Are you able to simulate same problem again with latest 3.18.2 Locus version?


I tried but cannot make it crash again.

And I don't remember what name (if any) I provided when I sent crash report. Maybe Radek P. which is logged in in Locus Store? I can give you any details you want. Just name it please. If it helps my phone is quite not popular Sony Xperia Active.


Good evening Radek,

if I understand correctly, same problem do not happen now?

Unfortunately reporting system from Google is not much clever and no searching is possible. I can only filter by device and application version and partially by time. If I know these values, I filter reports and test one by one and check if comment contains required text.

So if you will agree, I'll close this problem for now. If it happen again, write me please to description of crash report your name and write me also here time when problem happen.

Thanks you! Really sorry for a troubles and please, do not forget to do some backups from time to time. I'm always sad when I hear that someone lost some data.


Thank you for answer. It didnot happen again ever since. I will let you know if it happens again.

I thought Sony Xperia Active is a very rare mobile and you'd be able to find it.

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