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AR addon "freezes" on ICS

Jen ovečka shared this problem 11 years ago

I updated my Nexus S to Android ICS 4.0.4 yesterday and I noticed that AR addon freezes often.

If I start AR, it works for few seconds but then everything on screen stops moving. POIs and compass stay still in one position, stops even rotating (so I can turn them upside down). Zooming in/out doesn`t work either. Just camera image still works.

I noticed that it stops in same moment as "GPS off" toast popups.

Phone is in landscape but POIs remain frozen in wrong direction

When I return to Locus after freeze, it acts same like in my previously reported bug GPS is "off" after screen off/on (Locus displays that GPS is on, but its off in real). AND! If I return with this condition back to AR, it freezes without toast displayed.

I tried to turn GPS off in Locus and AR doesn`t freezes then.

You should really update AR addon or release it as opensource at least. There are more troubles like bad aspect ratio of camera image or that sometimes some POIs aren`t displayed on horizon but much lower...

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I`ll release WhereYouGo as OpenSource in next days, AR will come soon

I`m fully focused on Locus itself and it`s too much work on one person ...


So Jen, add-on is released

anyone interested in developing is of course welcome. Also issues related to this add-on rather post on page above (for whoever will continue in work)


Hmm, I checked it and it seems that onSensorChanged() doesn`t fire when Location is off... I added empty class that runs LocationManager and POIs don`t freeze now... :-/


damn, it`s hard work

On GN and Xoom (both ICS), it works correctly for me. I also bought very nice and small Xperia X8 for developing on small devices and also because Sony Ericsson seems to have troubles with AR and it also works!!

is anything visible in logcat?

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