Are Latest LoMaps V3 or V4 Format?

Viajero Perdido shared this question 20 months ago

Hi. I see new maps - dated this month - in the Locus Store. Are these still MapsForge V3 format, or the newer V4?

As an OSM contributor outside Europe, the months-long wait for updates (either from OAM or here) is always excruciating, and now that I've seen the improvements in V4, I don't want to go back to V3.

I know I could do a test download of a tiny territory for a few euro-cents to find out, but others might like to know too. Thanks.

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the LoMaps maps are still generated in MapsForge V3 format. But we use custom directives for rendering that can be similar to V4 rendering possibilities. Anyway, the update of LoMaps on the V4 is planned.

Thanks, Petr

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