Assign Activity During Track Import

ForestCat shared this idea 3 months ago
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I have a large number of old gpx files from a h/w gps that I want to have in Lucus for reference.

On my computer HD, they are arranged in folders by activity, ie cycling, hiking, etc.

I have created corresponding folders in Locus to import these into.

I can zip up, for example the Cycling gpx's on the computer, and successfully import that zip into my Cycling folder in Locus, but the Activity remains 'Unspecified'.

So, I'D like to specify the Activity for all items in a folder, or, alternatively, at the time of import.


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So, does the fact that someone moved this topic to "Ideas" indicate that this is not possible???


Hello ForestCat,

this is correct. Currently, this feature is missing in Locus Map. Change of the activity for imported tracks needs to be done manually. Because of this, we changed this question to the idea.