Attachement fails when from external card on Android 5.1.1

ricardo quasu shared this problem 2 years ago


trying to attach image to point but unless from internal memory, it does not do it. Looks like permissions problem.

Using Android 5.1.1 on Samsung phone Galaxy S5 Neo. Works fine on my Lenovo iPad Android 4.4.1.

Any suggestions how to enable it?

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continuation ... When I attached image from device memory (phones internal storage), the attachment works fine. It fails only when I attach the same image from my SD card. So it must be some new permissions set by the Android 5.1.1. Unfortunately, I don't know how to resolve it. My phone is not rooted.

Thank you, Ricardo


see also this:

maybe the Locus maps did not declare permission?

"Using this new method, a developer can now declare a permission on installation (that's part of that list of items we usually gloss over) to do "things" on device storage — including removable (read: SD cards) storage. One of the things they can do is allow you to choose what folder(s) on the SD card you want the application to be able to change. This could be one folder — like "Music" — or the top level folder. Anything inside this directory can be read, written, and possibly deleted."


Good day ricardo,

thanks for a report. Issue found and fixed. Deleting of image (when detached in Locus) won't be possible, but attaching will work correctly in next version.