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he852100 shared this problem 11 months ago

Iframe can't scroll。


Html quoting local images is a disaster. There is no guarantee that it is complete。

Attachments also do not guarantee integrity,Adding attachments does not copy files to the locus folder or database.

Over time, it is common to forget their association and delete pictures,Is there a solution?

WWhen referencing a file, need an option.

For example:


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iframe scrolling in the app should work, anyway I have only single info here: don't use iframes. They were "pure evil" 10 years ago. Android WebView component (used here) has generally a problem with inner scrolling of iFrames.

Problem with attachments is known and not yet solved. Together with this is also a problem that app does not backup attachments, so transfer app with Backup manager left "media" directory on new device empty, sad.

Hope that till end of the year, we will work on completely new style of "point screen" and I'm sure I'll be remembering this issue and will try to solve it with similar "dialog" you mentioned.

Thanks for understanding.