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Attachments are not saved to the Dropbox

Ladislav ńĆapka shared this problem 7 years ago

Hello Locus team!

I'm using automatic export to Dropbox for recorded tracks. When I hit "stop" button in record screen the track is saved and also exported to Dropbox folder.

But if there are any attachements they are saved in the device only. In the gpx file (on Dropbox) I see path like "/sdcard/Locus/data/media/photo/Point_1_1416218840478.jpg" in HTML img/anchor tags. Furthermore, folder "YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SS-attachments" which contained attachements in the past is not created. It worked until ... beggining of the October (not sure which version it was).

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Hello Ladislav,

I'm sure that export to dropbox with attachments never worked. It can't, really :).

Anyway finally after 11 months, thanks to one different task I need to improve, issue is fixed. So in next version, Locus will support export of data together with attachments, to Dropbox.

Thanks for patience.

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