Audio Coach Problem

Rogemar shared this problem 2 years ago

1. Failure to read Elevation Loss

- Audio coach is not reading the elevation loss.

2. Audio coachcis disabled when the app is minimize though recording is still in progress.

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Good day Rogemar,

I was testing the first problem a few days ago and had no problems with it. What language for TTS are you using?

Second problem: were you able to simulate this issue more than once? Was the track really correctly recorded during the time you missed audio coach notifications? Just asking, because various system battery optimizations are hot topics these days.

Jiří M. aka Menion


Hi Menion,

Thanks for your reply.

For the first problem: I'm using English TTS. The audio coach will just say "Elevation Loss..." without data.

For the second problem:

I've experienced it several times in the combination of the below scenario while track recording:

1. Minimize Locus app

2. Take Picture

When opening the Locus app in the recent apps, it will reload though recording is on going and app is running as a service.



ah you are right! Locus has a problem with reading negative elevation values. Fixed!

Second issue is hardly solvable to be true. What device are you using? "Camera" app is usually very "memory hungry" and seems that Locus is unable to keep alive on your device when you pick a picture. That's why you after tap on Locus in recent apps, see whole initialization process that happen only when app starts.

You may try to give Locus higher priority by menu > settings > misc > Locus as a service, but I'm worried, it won't help.