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The more I (understand 😏 and) use the dashboard the more I want to have an audio output of all variables. There I have all my important figures at a glance .... 😎.

But I have to stop🤔 and take my phone in the hand and to look at ... 😑

For me it would be nice to have audio output of all variables (within customizable limits ☺) there ... 😏

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Good day Jonny,

do you know "Audio coach" feature?



Hello Menion,

Yes I know ...and use it.

But there I miss some variables, especially "height meters up" and "height meters down". There is only one variable "elevation" as a total of both.

What I'm looking for are both values seperate.

Maybe they could be added to audio trainer?



oki, then it seems that except this, audio coach perfectly fits your needs right? In this case, it more belongs into category of "Audio coach" and not "dashboard". I believe, that in already existing ideas for Audio coach ( ), will already be this idea.

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