"Auto Backup" is interupted after update

balloni55 shared this problem 4 years ago

Hello menion

on german board some users and i myselfe reported problems with "Auto Backup"


so we decided to observe the behavior

My observation:

after update FREE and PRO V 3.27.1 from 12.11. i set neu values to auto backup every day for both apps.

Till yesterday both auto backups where created well every day.

Yesterday evening i´ve updated my FREE to new BETA

Today the auto backup was only created for the PRO.

so my guess, see title

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Good day balloni,

I have to truly say, that automatic backup never worked on 100% even for me, funny. Problem is, I was never able to find out real reason why this happen.

In such cases, it's good to rewrite system from scratch, maybe with use of some new techniques.

Well, my weekend program ... done.

So next version, since Android 5.0+, automatic backup will work completely differently, and I believe that it will finally work as expected/needed. Thanks for push, we will see in next Beta.

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