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Auto Center Map Items When Selecting

Clayton laramie shared this problem 8 years ago

Locus maps is awesome! Thanks for all of your hard work.

I use map items often for backcountry skiing. Here in the US there is a site called CalTopo that has a slope angle overlay to color code a topo map for avalanche danger. I save these as KMZ files so I can put them on locus and use them offline when I'm in the backcountry. In a previous version of Locus when I selected the map item (to show it on the map) it would auto-center on the map item. Now it loads but doesn't auto-center. I have to select the 3 dots button and then select center on item. Is there a way to change something in settings to selecting a map item will automatically center on it? I looked through all of the settings and couldn't find it.


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Good day Clayton,

I'm testing this feature and you are right. Locus do not center on loaded maps in KMZ files (GroundOverlays). Thank you, issue will be fixed in next Locus version 3.15.2.


Great thanks! Maybe some people like it when it doesn't auto-center when clicked but I think it's easier.

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