Auto center map: only when moving!

Tapio shared this idea 6 months ago
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auto map centering should IMO only be effective if the user is moving. When he stands, and especially after he moved map it is very likely he did not want it to auto center. I think it would be good if it centers only while moving. And/or the timer resets any time the map is moved manually.

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This could be done with Tasker.

If Locus is running, check Locus Location ever 10 to 30s to look for movement and call

extra: tasks: { map_center : { action: "on" } }


I use tasker, but have no clue about that interface. How can I check if movement happened, can you tell a bit more about what I add in tasker? tia!


If you don't care about battery drain, you could ask GPS with tasker. Then you properly get a speed value or at least coordinates.

If you got speed you could just check for speed. if you got coordinates, you have to calculate position change. Then you got your result movement found or speed to low.

And if you care about battery, you properly want to reuse GPS information which got already processed by locus. If you want to do that you need to use Locus API, I did already create a Tasker Plugin for that:

You could get all sensor data with this plugin.

If you don't want to compile it by your own, you could wait a week. Because I did spend 25$ to get this to the playstore where you get automatically updates. I will share some example Tasker projects if it's done. For example "calculate remaining uphill elevation of guiding"

or my own project: "improved elevation calculation with custom threshold"

And this one "Auto center map when moving" would be a more easy one to show the flexibility of Locus API without coding an app for each little helper.

The main reason why I did create a tasker plugin instead of a native solution of my personal projects is the flexibility of tasker. It's just more easy to adjust or add things there or play arround. And you got all thease high sophisticated interfaces to the hardware which would be way to complex to implement in an native app.

For example my little hack with warmstart Bluetooth GPS over Bluetooth commands.


Great, thx. I always use Tasker for situational profiles, eg on hiking, turn unused functionality off, set volumes, only important calls etc etc...

edit:changed my helpdesk name to my forum name.


I did still not create a profile, but if you can't wait, you can already go on:

I did only create an untested profile which runs every 2 minutes:


Don't forget to disable hold map center if you use Tasker: Map center based on speed.

I guess you don't need the step "map_center:off if my_speed < 1" because if you scroll on map it got automatically turned off.