Auto-parsing of coordinates from notes (Geocaching)

Alan Budden shared this idea 9 years ago
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I use Locus Pro regularly for geocaching (and it's brilliant: thank you!). One of the features I really like is the way I can create a personal note with a set of coordinates included in the text and Locus (or possibly the add-on) will parse the text and automatically create a waypoint. I sometimes use this for solving on the website and then downloading to Locus, but I will often use this with multi-caches and gradually fill in the parts of the coordinates in the personal note as I solve the clues.

The problem I have with this feature is that in order to make it create a waypoint automatically, I have to upload the personal note to the website and then update the cache to download it back to Locus. If I have no 3G reception at the time, I have to manually copy the details from the personal note page to the "Add New Waypoint" window. It would be really nice if this parsing could be more integrated so that when I click "Save" on the Personal Note window it would immediately create a way-point.

Thanks again for a brilliant app that's so good that the only things I can think to complain about are really minor little details!

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Good day Alan,

I think this post is more "feature request" then issue. It's as you wrote - data stored in notes are handled probably by Geocaching4Locus add-on and this add-on then forward downloaded cache together with auto-generated waypoint to Locus for import/refresh.

I personaly this, that some automatic creating of waypoint should be also unwanted feature for some users so result will be additional settings like on/off automatic creating waypoints from notes. Sorry, but I'm worried, there will be really low amount of people who use it.

May I ask, why you create waypoint in this way? Isn't easier to store in "notes" only computed variables and then directly from them create a new waypoints in Locus? Notes may be synced with web notes (uploaded to be precise) so you don't loose your computed data.


If I understand you correctly, you're suggesting storing the variables in the notes and create waypoints in Locus. The reason I don't do this is that (I don't think) the waypoints are not then synchronised with the servers (whereas the notes are). I'd rather put everything in the notes and have it safely backed up if I lose my phone (assuming I have internet access at some point before I lose my phone!)


Uploading of waypoints to Geocaching server is anyway not implemented in Locus so I understand your concern.

In this case, I'll leave this idea open for voting.

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