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If I interrupt trip and pause recording this happens often I forget to resume recording when I continue the route.

It would be very helpful if Locus somehow recognized that change (quickly) by available sensors and either resumed recording self - or made hearable and visible alert to remind manual un-pausing recording. I realize auto resuming recording could be caused by false movement detection (GPS inaccuracy).

On top of this, when active recording is paused, Locus should indicate paused recording by larger banner over the screen (+ flashing)

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1 My phone is not readily available so I can't push resume. Even if my phone was available, I would not look to see if the tracking was auto paused.

2. If the GPS signal is lost for a bit, the tracking is paused.

3. Most importantly, if you auto pause you must auto resume. Lacking this, the app is unusable.


Auto stop/restart record by HARDWARE sensors detecting NON movement. Reliable ? I think so.

Test and be inspired by Tinkerpete

Movetracker 1.45 Copyright by Thomas Ell. (Year 2012)

Nice simple (mapsforge/vector) map app, inclusive tracking (internet and sms), plus SEND alarm, when detecting a NOT moving phone.

NOT MOVING: After (SET)delay > audio alarm > after extra (SET)delay Send (SET phone number) SMS and/or (SET) mail message. See the in app Settings and in app (DE) Manual.

This app is not available anymore in Google play, but NOT Moving > audio alert > SMS is still functional.

Actually "on sofa" tested on Xiamo Mi A2 Lite (A9). Test by send alarm SMS to own phone number.

SET(NOT moving) by Sensitivity: From super sensitivity to Very rough. Some smartphones are more sensitive than others.

Super Sensitivity ! Check your phone ! Even sound vibrations by the alarm sound can retrigger the alarm send sms timer !

Information: O o ooh ...what a story ! ;-)

The apk ? See attachment.

Note in the Manual by Tinkerpete.

Ein gutes (2012 !) Programm für den PC unter Windows, welches problemlos auch die zusätzlichen Werte verarbeiten kann, findet man hier: * gpx editor:

Actual (2020) gpx editor version is gpx 1.1 ! Gpx 1.1 standard does NOT support speed nor heartrate !

Movetracker record file as displayed by Notepad ++

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>

<gpx xmlns=""; creator="MoveTracker" version="1.1">




<trkpt lat="51.16082" lon="4.11366"> <ele>48</ele> <time>2019-05-22T14:18:46</time> <speed>0.00</speed> <heartrate>0</heartrate> </trkpt>


The proposed test by MoveTracker is to indicate the reliability of the hardware movement detection.

Have a view on the alarm launch counter. Even by 'though sensitivity (my phone) detects and than perfectly retriggers the counter. Paused so really means the phone is absolutely NOT moving. Read the story of Tinkerpete, reset alarm of phone in Rucksack ;-) Combined with detection by the relatively unreliable (drift) GPS-only method, I suppose it would be performant.

Locus Record Parameter:

Record only when moving - track recording is running only provided Locus Map detects movement by gps & hardware sensors of the device. If not, the recording is paused.

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