Auto save tracks while en route

Bálint Szebenyi shared this idea 6 years ago


It would be nice if Locus saved the track that is currently being recorded in the background sometimes. Say every 5 minutes.

Reason: only that is safe that is saved.

I have seen my phone battery to drop from 70% to 18% in 4 sec in the winter when it was cold.

I have seen even Locus to crash (very rarely, and it was always fixed later).

I have seen random reboot on Android not just on my phone.

So better safe than sorry auto saving of a longer track would be really nice.

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Good day Bálint,

I hope this is not needed.

Tracks that is currently recorded is not keep for a whole time in memory. Locus automatically store recorded data directly to SD card exactly for these safety reasons. Track is stored every minute or every 30 points, so in worst case, you lost one minute of your records.

I hope this is OK


Perfect!! Many thanks. It can be closed as already implemented ;)

(I tested it before writing but I did not wait a minute :) )


Fine. Just wait a few minutes before you kill Locus and it should work (Locus after start notify that there is unfinished track record)