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PawelS shared this idea 3 years ago
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The idea is that colour resolution of given palette could be used fully in areas with a different min max height without need of manually adjusting ranges. To do this Locus should have a form to set minimum and maximum values for given palette. It would be good if it had prefilled values based on displayed area.

An ideal would be fully automated like:

If such full automation would be power consuming there should be an option to switch on/off autoupdating after change of displayed area.

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Please vote for this feature ^^

There are much more possibilities with color palettes than we expected. With color palettes it is possible to create altitude lines (contour lines) on the fly for maps which do not have contour lines

It it possible to quick and easy recognise where are hills and where are valleys (and how deep or high are they). When you want reach a destination it is sometimes easier to take a longer route without a hill/valley than the shortest way to the position.

And my new additional idea is: If the color palette is dynamically created relative to you current elevation you can very easy see which is the easiest way to your destination. (f.e. green color means elevation similar to your current elevation, blending to red color for elevation which is higher or lower)

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PS: In the old original topic for color maps: there are 2 screenshots which shows an example of a simple dynamic color palette for my home area. With the choosen range of (300m - 880m) it is the best palette to differ the altitudes in my area. It also shows the contourlines only created by the color palette. This will give you an quick impression of this feature.

And sorry for my bad english.


+1 fantastic idea Jarny for planning heavily laden cycle tour, choosing optimum route to minimize steep/ hard climbs



I would also love to have this feature!

It would make it possible to get a more detailed impression of the topology of an area, especially in regions with relatively small altitude differences (for example low mountain ranges)