Automated download of GC Pocketquerries

Yahp shared this idea 12 years ago
Gathering feedback

I am dreaming of an automated download of Pocketquerries on a regular basis - like once a day since they won`t be generated any faster. After download Locus should put the files to well defined POI categories.

Sure, it is not that essential. Just dreaming :-)

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I like the idea. Maybe not fully automatic, but something like connect POI category with PQ-datafile and create an `update POI from PQ` button.


I like this idea also. For me it would be enough just do start the download of the marked pocket queries and they get downloaded in different folders named like the query. Actually I download 2-5 queries one by one every week. This is very annoying. So something like update it like the last time would be great.

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