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Automatic Backup vs. backing up the entire Locus folder (Locus directory) via an independent app

Arpad Orfi shared this question 4 years ago

Dear Menion and knowledgeable users,

Please tell me the differences between backing up data using

  • built-in Locus feature Automatic Backup and
  • backing up the entire Locus folder via an independent app

1) Which is more reliable?

2) Which is better?

3) Why is that the auto backup file generated by Locus is around 10 MB, while the Locus directory (advised to copy when “Moving Locus to a new device”) is 1,4 GB (in my case)?

So, most importantly: what do I lose if I opt for auto backup and then try to restore Locus on a new device using that small backup file (as opposed to copying back the entire Locus folder using an independent app)?

Only maps (both LoMaps vector maps and any other external maps) and cached tiles do I lose?

4) Is there any subfolder within Locus that is absolutely safe to ignore i.e. leave out from the backup, e.g. temporary files, cached tiles?

Can you list these directories that are 100% safe to leave out from the backup?



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Good day Arpad,

quite a complex question, so I'll try to be as short as possible.

Better vs reliable ... complicated. Depends ...

Locus directory contains all Locus data EXCEPT few internal settings, like menu > settings, recording profiles, internal settings in various screens.

Locus backup file contains all internal & external settings, but does not contains many of content stored in folder structure. In case of backup files it is mostly about setup of app and your private points & tracks, not about maps.

So from my point of view, best how to backup all your data should be:

  • automatic backup in Locus Map, that keeps only last valid backup file
  • your own automatic copy of Locus directory, together with generated automatic backup file
  • bigger directories that are safe to delete: locus/cache, locus/data/geocaching, locus/data/srtm, locus/export, locus/mapsOnline

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask if you have any additional questions.



Hello Menion,

Thanks for your reply.

Mostly clear.

Regarding folders that are safe to leave out from the backup:

locus/data/SRTM – if I leave this out, then I’ll be without SRTM data? That wouldn’t be good for me. Or, if Locus redownloads the .hgt files, then it’s OK, but as far as I remember, there was a choice regarding the resolution of the .hgt files when downloading them (either 1 or 3 or something like that – 2,8 MB vs. 24,7 MB), and Locus defaults to the less granular one. I’ve opted to download the more detailed ones, so maybe it is better to retain my SRTM files. Am I right?

So, when I ask that which folders are safe to leave out, I mean that I SURELY will be in the same situation than before, i.e. it’s ABSOLUTELY sure that I’ll get back ALL the data just as if I would copy the files.

locus/cache: this would be a huge saver – I have 91 MB of data here in 4300 files. But:

isn’t there ANYTHING in this folder that Locus can’t regenerate TOTALLY, for SURE? E.g. wms tiles or whatever… map shading… anything?



ah in case you have some own SRTM files, then it's of course necessary to keep them in backup as well. Over Locus Store is really simple to download SRTM files for required areas in 3'' resolution. We do not provide better resolution for now.

"Cache" folder ... there should be no worry, the whole content of cache is automatically generated.



I tried it – deleted the cache folder, and turned off wi-fi and mobile data.

My LoMap maps load, also hill shading, but a WMS map does not. It says I have to re-initialize it.

Of course, it needs internet connection.

So, I wouldn’t say that the cache folder is 100% safe to clear.


So, the question comes down to what are those folders that are 100% safe to delete/leave out from the backup in order to get a completely identical experience after copying the backup data to a new phone?

And the user wouldn’t have to do any action (other than panning the map), and does not need data connection to download anything from any server?

Maybe I’m just better off saving the whole Locus folder as it is – copy the whole content without exceptions.


Is there any limit on the size of the cache folder and the number of files in it?

My locus/cache folder contains 91 MB data in 4300 files.

Are the cached contents never cleared? Is it normal that the cache folder contains 4300 files for seemingly endlessly?


Hmm, and what is usage of WMS maps when you do not have internet connection??

And yes, cache folder is clearing when needed. Locus cache many pre-generated images, map shadings etc. to speed up rendering.



I guess you don’t have to have internet connection to use this WMS:

Národné lesnícke centrum

  • Lesná cestná sieť SR

It shows the forester roads in Slovakia as an overlay over whatever map you use.

I don’t even understand the notion why would you need an internet connection for that to work.

The map overlay tiles are downloaded to the device upon initialization, aren’t they?

Not all WMS layers work this way?

And anyway, are there any other useful WMS map layers that you would recommend me to use while trekking in the surrounding countries (the Tatras, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenian Alps etc.)


WMS is shortcut for "web map service", so yes, the internet is necessary. Locus cache few map tiles when you see them into Locus/cache directory, but you can't be sure how long they will stay in cache etc.

Anyway Arpad, it looks like you wants at all costs to have 1:1 version of app in your own backup system. In such case, backup everything.

And recommended WMS, it is more complicated because I use only a few statistical maps for Czech. You may check our outdated list of some WMS services , but most probably, you'll have to search on your own.

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