Automatic creation of waypoints when crossing an user defined line/zone

Remy shared this idea 5 years ago

Hello everybody,

I had a question about waypoint creation : unless I missed something, it's still necessary to interact with the phone to add a waypoint. Could it be possible to generate a waypoint automatically when the recorded track cross a line/track/zone that the user could have been define before ? It could be useful mainly when doing sport.

What I imagine could be :

1/ the user create manually a track, with at least two points. Let's call it here a gate.

2/ After a new track has been recorded, when going in the "laps" section, we could choose to generate waypoint automatically when the recorded track cross a selection of "gates".

3/ Then something like this idea : could offer us statistics about precise sections automatically created from the same gates.

Thanks !

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Good day Remy,

it is correct - no automatic creating of waypoints is possible for now.

Thank you for sharing of your idea. Unfortunately I have to say, that such feature is really far away from common usage of touristic application like Locus Map. There already exists request that should allow better handling of waypoints attached to tracks, which is really planned. But here, I have to say sorry, not planned/possible. Thank you for understanding.


Ok I understand, thank you for your quick answer ! Actually I've just proposed this idea since I've discovered the "laps" tab in the track description.

Keep it up anyway ! :)

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