Automatic deleting or avoidance of creating "intermediate goals"/Zwischenziele during route plannin

Joachim Buhl shared this idea 8 years ago
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No "intermediate goals"/Zwischenziel or "You have reached at your destination":

Right now on a planned tour of 50km I have 20-30 intermediate goals and "You have reached..."-points. Sometimes both on one place. I have to delete them all manually.

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You are right. Better to have an function in GUI instead of tweaking the config file.


Best way could be an easy function to turn visibility of this points on or off. In general setup as well as in the context menu of a rout. See attached screenshot.


Why did I vote positive ? Via points are very helpful during track creation using auto-router (over existing = mapped roads) to "steer" your wanted track design.

Actually Locus always 'promotes "helper via points as "must pass via" points. Later most of these points are only 'disturbing' by the large arrow symbols creating a "messy" map overview and useless audio announcements.

One possible solution I was thinking of: Let the user (not Locus) decide which "via" points during creation are promoted to be "must pass via" points.

How ?

Route planning screen Drawing instructions ->Add new route and Measure: function add or remove way(via)points. (using center cross selection)

Set "via point" on a 2 level scale. Fast editing by single click add + way(via) points or by double click add + way(via)points.

a: single (+ way) click: creates a "normal via" point. Used for helping in design. Symbol: A simple not disturbing dot. Not announced by sound. NOT MUST PASS later during usage/drive.

b. double (+ way) click: creates a "must pass via" point. Symbol: Known arrow symbol and announced by sound.

Excisting "via" point: Via point "level" changes by way + or way - . Via points promotion to "must pass via" or back to simple "normal via" by single click. (center cross selection).


A variant: Add new route and measure screen. During design both, normal or arrowed-must pass via's, for the autorouting are "must pass"-- of coarse. Design finished -> save track(route): Do not save the 'normal' via's as their job is finished now. Better ?

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