Auto pause detection + adding of WP

Tapio shared this idea 16 months ago
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Hey Menion,

are you open for pause ("Periods of no movement") detection and adding pause WP to tracks? I think, visualising pauses in tracks is very interesting probably for a lot of people. For example, if you automatically get pause waypoints in tracks it helps immensely to find the interesting places where you have stopped on your route...

It could be offered in:

- Track recording (a checkbox "automatically add pause waypoints to track")

- Track manager. Like adding elevation info, you can add a tool to detect and add pause WPs.

- Track import. Same. Like the elevation checkbox, add a checkbox to detect and add pause WPs.

There should be an option to define what is detected as a pause (>= n seconds)

The Pause WPs should have the pause length in their name.

More generally I think, Locus could profit from better analysis tools. The market for track analysis is cluttered and small. Software like GPS Trackanalyse .net is not developed any more.

Best regards


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If this did not get enoght attention it could be partially done over API.

We can handle "Pause Recording"

We maybe can get the trackpoint list of the active recording and process the last unchecked points frquentliy. (This can only work if you have an smart point recording filter which doesn't create points while moving to slow)

And track manager action is possible to.

Automatic detection will have one huge Problem: You will detect a 60 minutes break as 12 breaks 5 minutes each. Depending on GPS accuracy you will end up like following order: "break, very slow move, break, very slow move, break, ....)

You can solve it by putting alot of effort into a smart detection like: group wp in a specific area or group wp if you did not move at least 5 minutes.

I would not implement this, I would give the problem to the people who like to solve it and just provide the apis and a basic example without high sophisticated pause detection error handling.


But one thing can't be done over API: add WP directly to the track to display them in elevation diagram or to just bound them to a track to be able to hide them if track gets hidden.