Automatic POI inclusion as "waypoints" into/around active, followed track

jtkorken shared this idea 9 years ago
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Idea here is as follows:


- define a certain/selectable radius/tolerance for inclusion

- in the beginning: maybe just display determined POIs on map around/on the selected track

- advanced feature: have in addition a separate list of these POI`s, with distant and ascending height from actual position, time to ride (based on average speed)

- ...or let these infos poping up after single POI selection

- ...or use POI labels...

REMARK: the intention of this idea is not to make POI`S part off the track/route, but rather to specifically select displayed POI around the track.


- using POI`s in order to have more/some "fix" points on a track. Even if one rides known tracks several time again, this makes a route more obvious

- and give also a much better predictability for me, when my girl friend calls to know when I will be back home from the ride:-))) or I or the group wants to know how long it is going to take to the next beer :-O

- sometimes I ride tracks only 2 or 3 times a year (not recalling every detail anymore) and then waypoints are much easier to recognize than the landmarks on a map (especially on a bike) in order to make a quick decissions.


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I liked your ideas.

I still think if POIs could be saved in the same folder as the trackers. This help in organizing and selection only of the points related to the path



thats good. Maybe you also should give it a +1, that would mean this idea had already 2 likes ;-)




Sorry, I had not noticed the "+1"


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