"Avarage speed in motion" in list of tracks

Paweł Walesa shared this idea 3 years ago
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I have idea about avarage speed displayed in saved tracks.

Now on screen dispaleyed is Avarage speed, but not Avarage speed in motion which is more reliable.

In my opinion better for us will be if second Avarage speed in motion will be main.

On prinntscreen are marked these speeds, I mean the will You suspect on this topic.



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Good day Pawel,

this is interesting idea. To make it logical, also a "time" value in list of tracks should be only a "time of movement" and not a whole time you spend on track.

In case of speed, I may imagine that your idea may work. But what about in case of time? Isn't time of whole! recording something, you expect to see? At least for me, time I was on the trip ( time of recording ) is for me more interesting and more logical to see first, then a time I was really moving.

Other opinions are of course welcome.


Good day Menion ;-)

I refer my idea for example to bicycle computer, there speed is get in motion. On screenshot DSC00158 as You see, this speed is Avarage and lower ralative to bicycle computer. I don't have disire to entrance for statistics to see avaerage spedd in motion. I would rather to get average speed in motion (DSC00158) directly.

Maybe additional info (Average speed in motion) will be solution of me idea ?


With time Your idea is more right.