"BACK" button saves changes instead of reverting to original state

mambofive shared this problem 6 years ago
Not a Problem

When I edit a POI and hit the "BACK" button without saving the changes before, my changes are saved anyway.

I'd expect, that changes are only saved when hitting "save". IMHO, the "BACK" button should revert any changes, or ask something like "there are unsaved changes, save them?".

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cannot agree. Try for example any of Google applications like hangout, gmail etc. All works in this way as I know.

EDIT: well, it is not a clear argument from me, agree. I just believe that accidental loss of data is quite possible, because more probably you press by accident back button then you write something you do not wants to save. So I generally agree with this system.


Mmh, when I e.g. create an appointment in google calendar app and press "back" before saving it, I get a question like "do you really want to discard your changes".

Currently, when I open a POI in Locus and accidentally change it's name for some reason, there's no way to revert back to the original.

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