Backup and restore does not restore all data: selections are lost

Georg D shared this idea 5 years ago

In v3.0.2 backup all, re-import all object types, do the restart and none of you POIs is selected. That was really annoying me - I was using the visibility of POIs as reminder (you have to do stop by in this shop, you wanted to take a photo of that, you desired to climb this mountain,...). Are really all selections gone? Or are they at least somehow retrievable from the backup?

BTW, will also affect users moving from Locus free to pro.

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Hello Goerg,

this is correct. Selections are lost, because there are not stored in backup. This is how it's done now.

Question is, should they be stored/restored? I see no reason why not. So if here's not anyone against this idea, I'll improve it.

EDIT: Ah so to make this happen, it's require quite a lot more time, so I'm changing this to IDEA and votes show, how important this feature is.


I'm quite unhappy to hear that this is difficult to implement - maybe it's easier after DB redesign that seems to be planned for end 2014.

As I'm looking for a workaround: Is the selection stored in some config file or the like, so I could manually backup & restore it? If not, I'll add a keyword "SELECTED" or the like to the POI names, which of course is redundant storage of the same information.


Selections for points are stored in Locus/data/database/ folder. All files are hidden (start with a dot symbol) and are named like visibleItems_X. So it should be enough to backup these values.

I'm currios, why this is so important for you? Are you using backup/restore so often? If so why? It should serve mainly for "feel of safe" about your data or secondary for moving data from one device to another. Is this your case?


Thank you for that information! I tested it for POIs (close Locus + move files away + restart Locus + close Locus + move files where they came from) and that worked fine. Now I restored the files from last full backup of the SD card, so I've the state of March = most of the selections are back :-)

I don't understand why selection is not a boolean attribute for a waypoint in the waypoints.db file, which is backed up anyway, but I don't need to understand that ;-)


Why is the selection of high value for me?

The selections itself, as shortly mentioned in initial comment, are serving as geo-referenced reminders to me - shops where I did not yet look for a specific item I'm searching for, monuments I wanna take a photo of, museums I want to visit, mountains I want to hike/climb,... As it worked very reliably for me, over time, hundreds of points became selected. Many of them are my "travel inspirations", so during trip planning, I scroll around and see on the map what's nearby possible routes to the destination and what's around the destination, and in the end I can decide what I can/want to do.

Why is backup/restore of the selection important to me?

As selections cannot be downloaded from the Internet like maps, altitude files etc., but they are individual/personal data, I do want to keep them

  • when I try some Locus / phone feature and loose or "mess up" my database (e.g. after mass modification) and thus restore a full backup
  • when I change the device and want to transfer my complete data to the new device

Both does not happen often - as I wrote, the selection "developed" over a long time, so it was not lost during 1-2 years, that's why I did not report the issue earlier. Because of the long "collection" time and because it contains so many items across all POI folders, it's quite difficult & time consuming to re-create that selection (telling apart POIs I already "finished" and those with "TODO"). To save me from that effort, I'd like to have selections backed up, and now I know how to do that.

=> I'm satisfied

=> Users switching from Free to Pro are not affected (I can't correct it in my initial post)

=> Users switching devices might be affected when not taking over SD card content, but relevance of selection might be low.

=> IMHO backup & restore does not necessarily have to be changed, but some hint would be nice


Selection is not a value in DB for a quite simple reason - speed. All selections are in memory, till you close or hide locus (then are stored to card). So loading 1000 points from state not-loaded to loaded, just change boolean in memory (which took few ms) instead of around 10x slower change in db.

Because I like good reasons and even if I don't like long stories (like yours) too much ...

... 2 hours later ...

Done. In next version will Locus also backup these files. I had to little bit improved backup system, but it will work fine now.


I tried it a few times now and restoring a full backup also restores selections - thank you!

=> Implemented in Locus 3.5.2