Backup manager - autoload / autosave of chosen settings defined by icon/widget

Libor Poutnik Striz shared this idea 8 years ago
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I see as an interesting alternative to various suggestions regarding config profiles and profile scopes:

What about the automation of already existing backup / restore features of the Backup manager ?

Let suppose I have configured LocusMap for car/bike/foot usage. I have backed up the settings as car/bike/foot backups. It could be great if LocusMap could create a profile/backup specific icon or a widget on the Android Home screen. When launched by such an icon, it would launch LocusMap directly with restored settings from chosen backup. Similarly, when exiting, LocusMap would backup the settings ( if changed , possibly asking) back to the current settings backup.

It would be effectively like e.g. running

LocusMap-car by pressing a car icon,

LocusMap-bike by pressing a bike icon,

LocusMap-foot by pressing a walker icon.

If LocusMap was launched directly, it would work as usually.

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A very sensible idea. I support entirely!

You can and without different icons, but just a different text signature, if it is easier to implement.

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