Backup optionaly with attachements

balloni55 shared this idea 9 years ago
Gathering feedback

Sometimes it would be a benefit if the backup includes also attachements from POI´s and tracks.

e.g. use backup for setup of a new/additional device.

My idea: add additional option to backup screen "with attachements"

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Good day Ivo,

this is not directly an issue, more it's an intent. Whole media directory is indeed not included in backup as well as maps directories.

I can imagine it may be useful, but I also imagine that directory may be quite huge, so backup of media data should be optional .. which complicates whole system little bit.

So I think best should be to change your "issue" to an "idea", because as I wrote, it is more request for new feature/improvement, then an real problem. Thanks for understanding.


Yes I understand Menion. So my wish is to have it as option.

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