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Battery use in the background

Jelle Ruben shared this problem 2 years ago


I have some issue with, closeing the app. If I go back to a other app, or do something else. I get a icon in my bar, with "Locus map using battery supply" zI have add a picture of it. (Its in Dutch). This message get I if Locus map running in the background.

What is the problem?

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Good day Jelle,

not sure what is a problem on your device. If you see an icon "LOcus Map is running" in the recent version, there should be also a sub-title that indicate why is Locus Map running.

In this version is also a small issue that appears in the case, you do not close Locus Map properly by the double-back press, so it is maybe your case.

So most probably, you will see that Locus Map runs because of "connect with add-ons". To solve this, close Locus Map by a double press of a back button or disable this feature in app settings > misc if you do not need it because of an add-on (like Geocaching4Locus or watches).

Let me know if it helps.


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