Be able to filter points on something other than Name

Alan Gornik shared this idea 7 years ago

I have imported numerous POI from a csv file and use the Locus "Comment" field as a category identifier. So among 200 points I might have, say, 6 categories. I would like to be able to filter on that Comment field, which I don't think you can do now. Is this a possibility? Thank you!

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Good day Alan,

if I understand correctly, you import GPX file (converted from CSV) into any Locus folder. Points in this file has 6 possible values in it's comments and you want to filter these points by this comment value, right?

If so, are you creating this GPX file from CSV on your own? If so you may for example set different icon to these points to be able to create a filter based on icon. Or you may create six files and import everyone to separate folder.

I personally think that using "filter" for this task is not common usage. If anyone needs to find some info in comments, there exists full-text scan


Yes, I export from MS Access into a csv, then convert to gpx using a tool called Extra POI Editor.

The points are famous gravesites in various cemeteries. What I thought might be useful would be able to filter the POI list so that I could just see the list of graves in a selected cemetery, rather than the entire list of POIs. I don't want to have to create separate files for this. It's really more about the list of POI than the map of the POI. No problem though, thanks.


You're welcome.

There is anyway always something you may do. In this case, are you able to say, that comments won't be comments, but will be used as an icon? Because as I suggested before. If you have just six types, then it should be quite easy to use these types as icons.

If you'll be intereted in this way, try it or let me know and I'll help you with it a little. Anyway I decline this idea, as I believe there exists workaround to your specific needs.

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