Bearing with camera and draw line on map

Ralf_HN shared this idea 4 years ago

Here ist my suggestion for the new function:

is it possible to implement a compass bearing function with the camera

like the app in Locus.

The idea is to look through the camera of the android, bearing a object

and after pushing a knob there will be a line drawn on your map with

predefined length to the bearing direction and stored as a track in Locus

I try to describe what I think

- I take my Smartphone start Locus

- Start a bearing function with camera

- look with the camera to a point for example at the horizon. At the display I see the point and a cross. I put the cross on the point.

- Then I push a knob on the display

- My actual position and the course to point will be stored as a line.

- Locus should show me now a line from my stored position to the point on the map

- This line is also stored as a trackline in Locus

This function is need for identify the location from objects by bearing from different places.

For example: You see a tower far away. You don't know the position. Now you can bear the tower and draw a line. The same you can do from some more positions. Now you get several lines on the map. The position of the tower is now where the lines are crossing on the map.

This is a kind of visibility navigation.

There are a some apps with the camera bearing function. But no app stores and show a vector line on a map.

If Locus would implement such a function it is realy new and it is useful for cross navigation.

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Goo day Ralf,

I'm thinking about this feature. Firstly, I'm not sure how many people find such feature useful.

Precission of orientation angle is not best. Also how well you may point to object with your device. And the last one - when object is close, you should be able to identify it directly on map. When it's far, then you need walk a long way to get usable triangle. So lines will intersect on +- correct place.

Last thing - this feature is already in Locus, but not in exactly simple way you need, but is.

  1. Center map on a place where you are now (by most bottom left button on map)
  2. in Menu > Data > Points tap on "Add point"
  3. tap on symbol next to coordinates and from list of possibilities, choose Projection -
  4. On "Projection" screen, is button next to "Azimuth". This allows to fill current orientation angle to edit field.
  5. Set some longer length then expected and add line on map.

Hope this helps and sorry, but I decline some special feature for this idea as partial working solution already exists.


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Good day Vince,

we had meanwhile changed our manual pages, so some links may be invalid, sorry for that.

Anyway I've fixed link in my previous post, so try it again.

Thank you, Menion