Size of new icons in Locus 3.14.2+

Lucio Dal Pan shared this problem 4 years ago


I appreciate very much the new set of icons in Locus Map UI since 3.14 version: clear, well contrasted, easy to understand... Very good!

But I have a question: are you planning to get rid of aged Locus users (let's say: more than 50 years old)?!

I'm joking a little bit, it is true; but I'm one of such kind of people, who enjoy Locus for sport - in spite of the advanced age - and can't see small things easily...

For me, and, I guess, for a lot of people like me, the beautiful new icons are too small!

Around the icon there is a lot of empty, useless space, in my opinion.

I tried do set to 1.1 or more the value of "dev_gui_main_rescale_value" in the DEV TOOLS section into the config.cfg, as I read in this topic:; but it doesn't do the job I want:

1. it enlarges *everything* in UI, not just icons, even that ugly empty space andthe size of the bars/panels

2. the sharpness of the icons, that is one of their advantages, is significantly reduced

(The post above mentioned is old, pertaining the old set of icons, and limited to bar icons; that's why i opened this new post.)


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Good day Lucio,

sorry to read about such problems. Anyway

1. yes, it enlarges whole UI, not just "reduce icon spaces".

2. yes, it is existing problem. Because of this, this parameter is still a beta version hidden in config file


3. are you sure that icons are smaller then before? Because I'm more then sure, their size is exactly same as before!

4. in this case, size of icons follow suggested sizes of Google Design Guidelines, so spaces around icons are "correct" by current standard. I also tried to make icons bigger (smaller spaces around), but it looked weirdly.

So generally I do not this that this is a "problem" at all, but rather suggestion.

So question comes here ... better to reduce spaces and enlarge icons or re-scale whole UI as is now done over configuration parameter? Have to think about it anyway I'm sorry, for now do not expect fast change.


Thank you for your answer, Menion.

I naturally accept it as definitive.

Somewhere else I wrote what I think about material design: small symbols in the desert; the smaller the icon, the less communicative effectiveness. Beautiful? Oh yes, beautiful, nothing more. But well, this is the Bible, for the moment.

Let me just say that in matter of perception what make sense is what people perceives (or not), not what those silly guidelines say. I can't read theese icons easily, that's all for me. You could reply that I'm just one of many Locus user, but I could represent some other "aged" people like me. Maybe we aren't people of interest for Google.


Good day Lucio,

do not worry, I perfectly understand. Fortunately Design guidelines for material design are not a bible for design of Locus. I do not like all their suggestions so it is not a problem to do it in own way. In this case anyway, spaces brings really nice looking so I decided to use it.

Major problems with all these dynamical changes in UI is because almost all user interface is defined in XML files and is almost impossible to define it's sizes dynamically. Anyway I'll think about it and try to improve it because I'm well aware that it is needed. At least existing solution for rescale of UI may be improved, right?

EDIT: hmm I'm just testing it and with defined scale over config file "1.5", icons are still quite sharp I think and layout is a lot bigger. Isn't this enough for common usage?


Oh yes, Menion, even too much. I'd prefer something like 1.1, 1.2 at most, because bigger sizes take a lot of space on the screen, due to "overall" rescaling of the UI.

I'm not in a hurry: it isn't yet time, now, to be too old for Locus! :-)

Anyway, thank you