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Bicycle speed sensor (ant+, BT) and GPS - track export CSV and GPX

sl91 shared this idea 7 years ago


I think that it can be usefull to have both speeds exported when exporting a track in the CSV format and may be also in the GPX one (if possible). In Locus pro track analysis/stats, it is already possible to compare both speeds, which means that the data are there and already calculated in the case of the GPS speed. In the CSV format, the best would be to have two separated columns, labeled GPS speed and sensor speed respectively. What do you think about this ?

In the case of the GPS speed, it is derived from the coordinates and time. Is this calculation a part of the Locus code or is it provided by an Android API ? This is just for my knowledge.

Best regards and thanks for this great software !


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Good day sl91,

thanks for an idea. Hope that another change in CSV do not break some compatibility to users, that already use this format.

Agree that sensor speed value may be useful, so it will be added as 12th column in next version. Speed column will be changed to speed from GPS only.

In GPX this extension does no make sense as GPX is made with idea that speed should be computed from distance and time to previous point.

For your information - GPS speed is computed by Android itself, not by Locus.

Enjoy slowly ending summer!


Thank's Menion for the answer. During my last 5 days bike tour in Germany, I have used Locus with the provided bike dashboard. I have just modified that dashboard in order to display both speeds. That was very interesting. When the speed changes drastically, let's say when starting a sharp downhill part, the sensor speed reacts very quickly and the speed increases in a very realistic way. For the GPS speed, it is another story, the speed increases also but very slowly. My feeling is that the computation of this speed is not just a derivation of two consecutive coordinates. Some filters must be applied to have this "slow" increase effect. This comparison is done under a vey nice weather and a very good quality of the Gps reception.



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