Black screen again

Konstantin shared this problem 11 months ago
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After starting the Locus app version 3.39.4 Pro the screen stays black for a long time. After a while I get a pop-up dialog saying the app is not responding.

Logs in the attach.

Redmi 4, Android 6.0.1 MMB29M, MIUI

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Add.After uninstalling and reinstalling the application, the problem is resolved. But it's a bad solution when you're in the wood.


Hello Konstantin,

sorry for the small delay in my response. I'm checking your bug report (thanks for it), but unfortunately, I do not see any clear error inside.

With these so-called ANR problems (application not responding) are always problems. It usually needs to be simulated on my own devices to fix it. Please monitor situation and if the same problem happen, I may suggest to:

  • rename "Locus" directory in your internal memory if this helps (do not delete as it contains all maps/points/tracks/...)
  • if the app starts in the end, you may create a full backup in menu > more > Backup manger and then in system settings of application clear its data.

One or second method change something that may be reverted back so simulation of the problem may be possible.

Sorry for complication.