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"NoGo" points during navigation (blocked place)

Dave Welsh shared this question 6 years ago

What I am looking for is this.

When I am out and about and I have a route setup on Locus. I come to a road that is gated, or a bridge that is under repair.

These should be in the map but with gates and road repair it is a hit and miss.

What I would like it for instance a gated road.

Drive up, hit a button that is labled as Blocked

Locus would route me around that with out changing my next way point or my final destination. I dont want to redo the whole route I just want Locus to find me away around that 1 silly gate.

Is anything like this possible now?

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Hello Dave

if you use BRouter inside locus you can use "nogo" area for blocking.


a little test:

i navigate on a route, after a while i notice that the bridge over the river is blocked...

- edit on map

- insert nogo

- recalculate

- follow new route

see attached screencast

i hope this is what you are locking for


Edit: you can set the "nogo"on map independent to your route


Hello Wolfgang.

I have been using another offline routing engine, but perhaps I will have to go back to brouter.I watched your video and it is clear that Brouter does much more than I was using it for.

I will try this.



I have been doing a lot of pooking around this morning in both Locus and Brouter. One of the things I did not realize when I asked this question is.

Locus is the Map and the Directions

Brouter is the engine that creates the track,route for Locus Map.

So, this question was no where near as simple as I thought it would be.

Is there even a link between brouter or graphhopper to do such a thing?

Would it be possible when you are using an off line routing engine?


Good day Dave,

thank you balloni55 for a lot better answer then I myself may provide!

I may only add, that there is currently no integrated solution for this kind of task.


Thank you Menion.

May I ask for something like this to be added to the wish List?

Is it even possible?


I already have this on my personal wishlist :). Problem here is that GraphHopper and BRouter does not support this feature for now, over developers API. But when there will be such option (mainly in case of BRouter, I expect this should be possible soon or later), I'll definitely try to do something with it.


That would be greatly appricated


+1 (including Lorouter offline)


Hello Francisco, no-go areas are already supported for some time. Please check our manual here.


Thank you Menion.

I know and use it. But:

In fact no-go is supported when creating a route, or when we modify a saved route.

But when we are navigating and find a closed gate, for example, and in the navigation panel we put a no-go, that one is ignored (maybe Lorouter and Brouter problem?? maybe not).

But in the first case (we are creating a route or modifying it) and we create a no-go and make Recalculate, Locus create a new route avoiding no-go area. So no Lorouter or Brouter problem in this scenario.

Or there are other circumstances in recalcultion in each of those 2 scenarios I don't know

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