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Bluetooth audio link broken after locus announcement

Marius Moldovan shared this problem 4 years ago

I like to listen to audio(music or youtube) when I'm also navigating with locus with my bike.

I use bluetooth headphones and at the beggining all is working OK (I hear the music and also spoken announcements from Locus regarding navigation commands or statistics from training assistant)

After some time( random time?), at the moment when Locus is speaking some information, the audio bluetooth link become broken and all audio(music or Locus) is routed to phone's loudspeaker

The only way to repair this is to close and reopen again bluetooth function on the phone( close and reconnect the headphones) or sometimes it works by going into navigation/settings/Select voice/Text-To-Speech(Use TTS......)

I had tried to use both Settings/Miscellaneous/Audio channel/ Music stream AND Notification stream but it works the same.. link broken

Very annoying when on a bike, I have to stop, close /reopen bluetooth, reconnect headphones or going through settings in Locus everytime when Locus is speaking again to me.

This problem I had on all Samsung galaxy phones I had (galaxy S7, S8 and S20 plus) and with all Locus versions ( from 1-2 years before)

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Hi Marius,

this problem is probably caused by the battery optimization.

- Locus Map must be completely excluded from all means of the battery optimization (see or here:

- check if your system settings prevent BT from going to sleep:

Michal Stupka, Locus team


I already did all this battery optimizations settings before, but I still have problems.

Besides , it is written there :" If you loose BT connection during track recording only when the display is OFF for at least 3 hours you may have a battery power saving setup issue " .. but I loose bluetooth audio in the first 30-60 minutes and only when Locus is outputting audio command or info ( if I am not in navigation, then Locus is silent and I can listen to music for 3 hours on bluetooth headphones with no problem and just looking at the map in Locus)

It seems to me that it is a shifting focus of audio stream..

Although now my audio is routed to phone loudspeaker, it looks like my bluetooth headspeakers are still connected to phone and bluetooth setting is still ON (it is not closed by the system)


OK, all battery optimization measures are implemented. Then, did you also apply all measures recommended in If yes and the issue remains, I'm sorry, I can't help.



Yes, I applied also bluetooth fixes for standbye and tommorrow I will try again to see, but I think it will not help,because I do not have a standbye battery optimization issue. It's only changing audio channel output routing from bluetooth to phone audio and only when Locus is outputting audio instructions..

If I have no Locus audio output , I can leave phone with screen off 4 hours (with Locus opened) and still be able to listen to music on bluetooth headphones with no problem-- so it's not a battery optimization thing.

Maybe someone else with Samsung galaxy S20 can also try to replicate my issue ?!


I had done more testing and I think I need the help of @Menion to sort this out:

So it is NOT a issue of bluetooth or phone going into sleep or battery optimization,because:

I switch ON bluetooth and pair with headphones and I am listening to youtube(or other audio player) with screen OFF for 6 hours continuously and there are not any interuptions(without Locus started)

I switch ON bluetooth and pair with headphones and I am listening to youtube and also I start Locus with navigation to a point. I kept the screen on all the time, so the phone is not entering battery optimization. Now audio music is fine untill the point that Locus is speaking a direction command. After the command is heard, suddenly when returning to audio stream(youtube or music player) now audio is routed to phone speaker(not bluetooth headphone anymore). In this moment I can make a call to someone and the call is still routed through headphones, SO headphones are still connected to phone in is not a problem with bluetooth connection being off or battery optimized..

I think when request audio focus to system, Locus is not giving back the audio focus to bluetooth after speaking the command(as it was before) ,but is giving focus to phone loudspeaker,or phone speaker or something..

So ,please Menion .. maybe you can give me a special test version of Locus to find the bug and fix this out.



Hello Marius,

thanks for precise testing and your comments. I personally, almost daily, use Locus TTS (audio coach and sometimes also navigation) together with YouTube music or Podcast Adict apps over BT headphones and never noticed any problem, interesting.

I've rather validated my current implementation based on recent official documentation and made few minor improvements, that won't probably has an effect here.

Only what I think may cause problems, is special Expert settings >Enable TTS over BT SCO. Isn't this option enabled on your device?



Yes I have this option enabled... So I should disable it?


And what I will loose if I disable the option ?


Hmm interesting. This option should be disabled by default. I expect you never changed it right? More and more people report some accidental changes in settings and maybe you are another victim :(. You won't loose anything, it is special settings for some car-based navigation systems. Try it and you will see ;).


I may have activated Enable TTS over BT SCO a long time ago, when I made some expert settings and it could have stayed like this till today.

Anyway I made the test today again with this option OFF, and now all is working as it should.( no more bluetooth audio drops)

Thank you for the help !

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