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Bluetooth cadence sensor

Paweł Wierzbicki shared this question 7 years ago

Is it possible to have:

- average and max cadence figures

- average speed, average speed in move and max speed

- trip and moving times

- uphills and downhills

taken from external bluetooth sensor?

I use crivit bluetooth speed and cadence sensor and locus can show just current speed and current cadence. The rest of figures is working thru GPS or doasnt work at al (cadence).

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feel free to use or add to locus store if You want.


Good day Pawel,

Cadence values from your sensor may be visible in dashboard "cadence" field. Do you have your sensor correctly connected (values of cadence should be visible in Bluetooth manager) and also, second condition, is your GPS running? Currently it's needed to have turned GPS on and receiving GPS values, because all values from sensors are corrected to received locations.

Speed value usage is quite limited in Locus. In case you display in dashboard current speed and you have speed form sensor, it will be used. Otherwise speed from GPS will be used.

Average and maximal cadence is currently not supported.

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