Bluetooth Compass

smsa001 shared this idea 5 years ago

Locus supports GPS from external GPS device, is it possible to use compass data from other devices (other mobile phones) via bluetooth? There are many phones that doesn't have compass, so in Locus isn't possible to rotate map when for example hiking. It would be great if we could use compass from smaller mobile phones and rotate map on phones (that doesn't have compass) on greater screen.

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Good day smsa001,

if I understand correctly, you wants to in some way connect two devices and over Bluetooth share orientation data from one device to another right?

If I understand correctly, then

1. work with BT is really hard (from developer point of view). In this case it require one device that will send data and another that will receive this data. It's nightmare for me, really.

2. Devices without compass - I believe there is no more then 1% of Android devices that do not have orientation sensor, or am I wrong?

3. Usage - few people from minion I believe. Can't imagine carrying two connected devices just because of compass.

I have to say sorry, this task is really complicated and has really low usage for most of users.