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Bluetooth GPS Connection (BLUMAX 4044) sometimes lost

Franz B shared this problem 9 years ago
Not a Problem


i´m using a Galaxy Tab 7" 2.0 for geocaching. For better GPS quality i connect a Bluetooth GPS "BLUMAX 4044". Locus Pro have no Problems and can use this Device without any Problems for some time.

If i take this Combination for a hole day outside, the connection to the Bluetooth device is sometimes "lost". I don´t know if there is a Problem with the Sleepmode from my Tablet or if the Bluetooth GPS wents into Sleepmode. Maybe is it possible when Locus don´t get Information for a amount of time (Sleepmode from the Tablet) the external GPS went else in a Sleepmode and Locus can´t wake it up?

My Problem is, i can´t reproduce this behaviour clearly, sometimes i must disable and reenable Bluetooth on my Tab and then a new connection between Locus and the BT GPS is possible (a few seconds).

For better investigation i´ve collected some Logs from Locus, attached as a rar archive, hopefully you can see anything.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" 2.0 (GT-P3110) with Android 4.1.2

Locus Pro 3.0.2


Kind Regards,


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Good day Franz,

Locus has feature that tries to reconnect to BT device when connection is lost. Anyway I'm aware from personal experience, that sometimes there are problems, which in worst case require reset of BT device or phone.

I'm anyway not sure if such problem is on side of Locus or not, hard to say. You logs contains just an errors, that Locus is not able to connect to device

  1. 06-29 11:06:02.276 E/q ( 2586): Service discovery failed

but from what I found, there is no clear solution on this, when you do not know exact reason why this happen, sorry.

I suggest to try alternative app called which may work together with Locus, if it will work correctly then.


Hello Menion,

thank you for your Comments and sorry for the delay.

I ´ve played a little around and tested some other Android Devices with my Blumax. I found out that the Android Version could caused the unstable Bluetooth Connection.

After upgrading my P3110 to CM10.2 and reinstall Locus Pro i was outside for one day (in the Woods) and never lost the Bluetooth Connection. :)

Thank you for your Help!

Kind Regards,



Perfect, glad to hear possitive result.

Meanwhile I had exactly same problems on Xperia Z1, where problems with BT sometimes lead up to automatic restart of device. New firmware fixed all problems also for me.

Enjoy Locus and thanks for information.

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